At your gate

I stand at your gate, Madam,

On time, 07h30


As requested.

It’s cold.

It’s taken time.

2 hours to be exact,

To wake, to wash to walk.

Taxi 1, Bus 1, Taxi 2,

To walk.

At your gate,



On time.

As requested.

Your convenience,


But you forgot.

You are sleeping,

Your phone is off,

What must I do?


Will you hear?

Hundreds of years of frustration,

Servant servitude

At your gate.



On time.

Waiting for you to wake up.

Change is coming

For you

For me,

But I suspect,

That while your colour may change,

I will still be at your gate

Waiting for you to wake up

But you, Madam

Will still be sleeping!

But I am, Madam

On time.


Note: The above poem, surprisingly, was discussed on a CliffCentral. Select option “At Your Gate” at the following link and  listen to discussion here.

And then as a follow-up I went into the studio and was interviewed. Select option “A  Gate in Time” at the following link and  listen to discussion here.


At your gate