White supremacy

I see you

Smell you

Your sweat of indulgent privilege

Unwashed by time

Repulsed I cringe

Nowhere to hide

Stale rancor I find

In the mirror I stare.

Stagnant role to wear

Your colour palette imposed

Shades of truth defined

Hidden in pride

Constructed context

Your roots have grown

Impregnating racial hyperbole.

More sinister You carnal soul!

You crossed land and sea in pursuit

Sovereign borders in disrespect

To find in time unwanted courtesy returned

Seekers of a better life

Betrayed they come

Bringing change

National identity declined.

White supremacy

Arrogance defined

You treacherous foe

What I hate most

Is your legacy entrenched

Colour coded consciousness

Always Rejection

Always the same

You awful brute

Always without shame!


White supremacy