Love is Transformative


Love is transformative. ”Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Called you…”. Our identity and purpose thought of before conception. A place to which we are spiritually programmed, where we want to go and be but seemingly can’t find. We are constantly in a loop trying to return. In this, the risk of idols in the mind and in the world becoming false places of safety. Fear and anxiety rule. It is only when we connect with Jesus and through Him like a little child touch the face of our Father that we can really know that we are safe, accepted, and deeply loved. From this place of being we begin to heal from the wounds of the soul. Jesus ever present with the balm of the Spirit. Interestingly our enemy while using our wounds is more focused on our talents and successes and togetherness. It is Jesus who is really focused on our brokenness. Our enemy knows that pride, ever present in our togetherness, takes our heart off the healer. So paradoxically, our weaknesses while in need of soul care and healing becomes our greatest surrendered and yielded spiritual tactical advantage. However, being in fellowship and care is essential. The great design while building into us the inner sanctuary, private alone space, includes that communal sanctuary. The family, work, community space. “Mutual indwelling”. God in us. Us in God”. It is in the in-between spaces, between us, that we experience grace, acceptance, kindness, compassion, understanding, insight and indeed love. It is here that the presence becomes tangible. The same presence that we are seeking for, the same presence that our soul recognises as the non-time space. Heaven, where our Father is. As we practice righteousness and justice in our relationships, Shalom hangs over us and then as day follows night, so too will come joy. When we taste of joy life becomes light again and we feel we can endure all things. Truth and love in balance. No hiding, no shame and no deception. Just a gentle bringing into the light, into the love, into the acceptance of Christ. As we listen carefully we hear the whisper….it is all going to be ok!

Love is Transformative

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