2 thoughts on “Reflections on Formation part 4b Rule of Life

  1. Marcel Van der Watt says:

    Dear Robert, thank you for this divinely insightful contribution… I was totally captured by “REFLECTIONS ON FORMATION PART 4A & 4B RULE OF LIFE”. Your practical examples of how to navigate the hustle and bustle of everyday life by re-configuring the way we think, we feel and act in a Christlike manner are invaluable. The humility with which you dispensed this wisdom coupled with a personal invitation and front-row seat for me, the listener, allowed for an insider view which illuminated the value of being deliberate in our moment-by-moment reliance on Christ. I can attest to the grace showered on me/us by God when feeling troubled in the middle of the night by angst and concerns; then surrendering, standing up and spending time with Him in silence. Romans 8:26 often comes to mind as I kneel, not entirely sure how to articulate what I am feeling, but knowing that His Spirit intercedes and advocates for us. Thank you Lord…

    Finally, I appreciated your urgency about rest and the command to honour the Sabbath. From what I am understanding Robert, you are in fact practicing your Sabbath on a Saturday whilst ‘working’ on a Sunday to allow for rest for your wife? Wow … Rest and the Sabbath is something I am falling short on and need to change. Looking forward to a discussion and advice around this!

    Thanks again Robert. Inspired, Marcel


    1. Thank you Marcel. I believe that your Vocation and Calling into Justice has led you, like all reformers, into a supernatural life in the Holy Spirit. But then exhausted the Spirit takes us to a place of Contemplative rest. As morning follows night Shalom will come and then when least expected, Joy!


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