Sharing the Second Tunic

generosity-f5cd281b-8a2d-4ccc-b491-71e5db8ae1d4.jpgAs we face increasing global uncertainty with the election of a new US President, possible uncertain exit of the UK from the European Union, Brazilian presidential  and economic crisis, Syrian refugee flood and the implications of Turkey negotiating access to the EU, we as South Africans are also facing the greatest risk to our future.  If we do nothing many of our children will be mobilized into revolution with others going into “exile”. In all of this we need to embrace the Gospel and the Good News, the “Kingdom is at hand”. For me this means committing to right relationships because this is at the heart of righteousness and justice.  We as South Africans have to face sharing the second tunic. If we keep collecting more while our neighbour has none he will come one night and take for himself that which was not offered in love. In all of this we have a choice, we can either practice our faith or we can show our indifference and mask our fear. For example, if you are a student take more than one lunch to class and share it with a classmate who has none.  If you are a parent reach out and support another little child that seeks your gaze. If you are a church member ask the awkward question who is the church?  I think we all have tough choices to make in the next 3 months, the consequences of which we will have to live with for decades to come.

Sharing the Second Tunic

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