We must choose between the nightmare and the dream!

Picture taken in Saint Annes Hilton by Dave Rees 

As South Africans we have a choice whether we buy into the narrative that as a nation we are on the decline. It will seem that we are at this moment in time standing before a fork in the road. Either we prepare for the unfolding nightmare or we choose to believe in the dream. The narrative is something we must choose. Where we focus is where we will invest our capital: relational, spiritual, social, human, financial, technological, infrastructural. So are we going to focus and invest in the nightmare or the dream?

It is indeed a critical moment as we reflect on our present political discourse around patronage and personality. We as a society are in distress. Deep within our souls we know we are made of better stuff, better than telling, as did the leader of the opposition to President Zuma,  who has been democratically elected,  to “voetsek”. Surely the majority political party can decide for themselves. Let them express their interests choosing their own leader. Let the coming local elections then judge them, holding them accountable for the choices they have made. This is what democracy means.

The SA democracy, purchased off the lives of so many, must be now be protected. Our youth, talented, ethical, idealistic and passionate, not corrupted by cynicism, must join political structures and make the political parties the kind of institutions that we are proud of.

We must not allow a spirit of self serving violence and fascism to lead. They must not be allowed to steal the precious moral authority. They will abuse it and us.  Therefore, the time is now to decide who we are and what kind of future we want.

We have an amazing constitution, a legacy of the best that SA could birth. Now as the Constitutional Court steps into that legacy and makes us proud, we must also be as brave and reciprocate this magnanimity.

As South Africans we have to ask why we have allowed this path towards political corruption. Is it not because we have not addressed economic corruption where the ordinary person no matter how hard they work, if they have work, have not been able to get out of poverty?

It will seem that inequality is the root of our problem. What we are needing is a critical response and ownership of the NDP, the only real macro strategic plan that we have.

To see what we are doing have a look at www.james127trust.org

We must choose between the nightmare and the dream!

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