Reflection on Nelson Mandela


We all awoke this morning with the news that our beloved father of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, had passed over that eternal bridge to the place and One that first dreamt and thought of his life, destiny and purpose. Today is for many a treasured reflection of memory of meeting, speaking to, serving and being inspired by Madiba. All have similar cameos of his greatness. In the ordinary, his extraordinary view of people and life, in the simple acts of kindness, forgiveness and generosity of spirit, the sacred heartbeat of Christ could be seen. I watched as he descended the small steps of the plane at an airport in Paris, his VIP car waiting, only to find him after a warm embrace moving to the real VIP, a man sitting on a service vehicle, transfixed. Madiba walked up to him, saw him, greeted him and in that instant changed both his life and mine. I had not seen the man before; I was waiting for the VIP. While we may never be great like him, we do serve a God that reflects an image and a character in all of those humble enough to be open to His glory. May Madiba now rest in peace in the embrace of the One that has always loved him and may we all be the richer for his inspiration and sacrifice. South Africa you have a dream from the dreamer. Let us not just focus on the nightmare of the enemy of God. Let us rather follow the example of the greatest leader that South Africa will ever have! Let us see the dream and commit ourselves to its completion.


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